Eco-Friendly Advertising Banners

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The green revolution is ever present and many companies, in particular, are finding themselves under scrutiny for their attention or lack thereof to green or eco-friendly initiatives. Various areas can be green in the way that you do business and you can use eco conscious advertising banners to demonstrate your commitment to being green.

You might not have given much thought to the sorts of advertising collateral you use. You want it to be effective and cost effective. But have you thought about the fact that using environmentally friendly advertising materials also makes a positive statement to everyone you do business with?

Signs and advertising banners are used on a regular basis for many companies. If you are purchasing a banner or sign, whether your event is eco friendly inspired and related to a green initiative or not, choosing something sustainable or recyclable is a smart idea. Whether you’re hosting a green event or you simply want to be sure your company consistently exhibits a commitment to being environmentally friendly, signs and banners are another area that can demonstrate your commitment.

Many companies do internal launches for being more environmentally friendly to educate their staff on conservation of company resources and kicking off an educational event in this area can be done well if you’re using eco-friendly marketing materials such as recyclable paper, doing digital advertising to save trees, and perhaps using an advertising banner in the office that serves to remind staff of the company’s firm commitment to be greener.

In advertising, banners can often be made with sustainable, recyclable, and recycled materials. Today’s options include polypropylene fabric, which is 100% recyclable and bamboo fibre, over 99% biodegradable and you can work with bamboo that isn’t treated with pesticides to further demonstrate the company’s conscious decision to be as green and earth friendly as possible. Beyond eco friendly advertising banners, you might also be interested in eco friendly roll up displays that are made with bamboo fibre.

If your company gives preference to earth friendly practises, you will probably want to work with companies who take a stand on environmental issues and who lead by example. When choosing an advertising banner or printing company to deal with, look for their commitment by checking for some of the following initiatives:

• Offering an eco friendly option
• Demonstrating a commitment to avoiding harsh chemicals wherever possible
• Indications that the company does its best to conserve energy in manufacturing and printing processes
• Demonstrates a commitment to employee health and safety through business practises.

Signs and banners are used in public to make a statement about your company to customers, to business partners, and even to your own internal staff. Using environmentally friendly business practises wherever you can makes sense for how your customers and business partners will see you. This area is very important to make companies and consumers. If you need advertising done, talk to your sign printing company about environmentally friendly banner options.


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