Special Touches That Make Banner Stands Even More Effective

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Professionally designed and manufactured trade show exhibits declare to all who see them that a company is successful. Sharp graphics, durable materials, and easy setup and portability all work together to ensure that a company’s marketing message comes across as compelling and convincing, providing ROI on marketing budgets. Companies can make their trade show presence even more compelling by making better use of the space allotted. Among the tools that can improve results are banner stands.

Professionally Designed Banner Stands Add Polish

Professionally designed banner stands do not simply hold up graphics. They showcase your streamlined marketing message, boasting the company name, and attracting qualified prospects. They can be used as stand alone displays or combined with other exhibits to draw attention to your company.

Display Shelving

Companies can incorporate banner stands with shelves that display products and product information. You can use shelving to showcase new technologies, display awards, and give attendees a reason to come in and talk with staff. Shelving adds flexibility and makes better use of limited space, making the overall event more productive.

Mounted Video

Banner stands can be used to mount informative videos, making it easy to introduce new product lines, reinforce the company reputation, or educate qualified prospects. Videos are also great tools for winnowing out attendees who are unlikely to become qualified contacts, making more efficient use of everyone’s time and earning greater marketing ROI.


Interactive workstations are another excellent tool for attracting qualified prospects. Incorporated workstations provide space for clear graphic messages, while inviting attendees to come on in and see what the company has to offer. Workstations can be used to collect valuable contact information and educate potential clients and suppliers, while freeing up staff for one-on-one discussions.


Lighting accessories can focus attention where you want it. Low power LEDs provide directional light without risking the event’s power grid, or a fire. Highly portable, lighting that is designed to work with a variety of portable exhibits, can be used to create a spotlight effect on the ceiling, to attract visitors from the other side of the exhibit hall, or they can focus tightly on the company message, specific products or graphics. Without adequate lighting, a booth will appear dismal and uninviting, potentially costing a company valuable contacts and profitable sales.


Many integrated exhibits include storage that hides personal items away securely. This creates a cleaner, more professional appearance, while keeping staff belongings safe. These storage areas can also be used to hold extra product literature, business cards, and the like.

Create Space

Another useful benefit to uniquely designed banner stands is that they can be rearranged to create different space arrangements. Sometimes, events must switch space assignments, or you may find yourself next to a competitor that needs to be blocked form view. Convenient and adaptable, today’s banner stands are easy to move, set up, and transport. You can even use them to create a quiet space for important, private discussions with staff or potential clients.

To learn more about the various options, layouts, and graphics available with today’s state of the art banner displays, browse the galleries of some of the industry leaders and see how they can add impact and results to your next marketing event.


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